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About WinT Messenger

WinT Messenger is a practical instant messaging application developed by a small team of students working in the WinT 3794 team. The application is written in QML/C++ and can be used with the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems.

Simple and user-friendly

The interface of the application is very simple and its designed to be used both in a touch-based environment (such as Android and iOS) and in more traditional environments, which use the mouse and keyboard for user input (such as Windows, Mac and Linux).

No need to register

Many of the features of WinT Messenger don't require you to enter an account. For example, the only thing required to chat locally is to provide a nickname and select your favorite profile picture.

WinT Messenger also supports online messaging

Allong with the LAN chat feature, WinT Messenger also allows you to chat with your friends online from anywhere in the world by using the QXmpp libraries, which allow you to connect to many service providers, including:


WinT Messenger is also available for the most popular operating systems, such as Android, Mac OS X, Windows and iOS.

Open source

WinT Messenger is free and open-source software, which means that you can use it, modify it and redistribute it to your will (under certain limitations). For more information, click here.

WinT Messenger is Copyright © 2014-2015 WinT 3794, and is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL
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